Tesla on a downward slide because of Bitcoin? Elon Musk mocks Peter Schiff

Tesla on a downward slide because of bitcoin? Elon Musk mocks Peter Schiff with aubergine

Are Tesla shareholders paying the piper for bitcoin investment? Gold propagandist and ardent crypto opponent Peter Schiff is convinced. Elon Musk’s response is monosyllabic.

Peter Schiff has done it again: just in time for the correction on the crypto market, the precious metals fan has brought the whipping boy Bitcoin out of the woodwork. His dismissive attitude towards the cryptocurrency has Bitcoin Circuit already earned Schiff a regular spot in Opinion Echo. Now the precious metals evangelist has found a new target in Elon Musk.

In a tweet, Schiff links the recent drop in Tesla’s share price to Musk’s decision to add bitcoin to his balance sheet: „Two weeks after @elonmusk announced he spent $1.5 billion in shareholder funds to buy bitcoin, #Tesla stock has entered a bear market, plummeting 20 percent from its all-time high on Jan. 25, and 16% since the #Bitcoin purchase was announced. Not an example other CEOs are likely to follow!“

Elon Musk shows Peter Schiff the aubergine

The tech tycoon in question, meanwhile, has deigned to respond, albeit tersely: An aubergine, which is popularly used on social media as a synonym for the male genitalia.
Source: Twitter

Peter Schiff must have been hoping for a detailed response from Elon Musk. He called Musk’s response childish – but not without asking Musk for a clubhouse talk. At the time of going to press, however, the request remained unsuccessful.